About Us

We specialize in creating excellent mobile apps for Android, Windows and iOS devices. Since our inception, we have helped people define and form value in the technology driven environment today. 

We have built a big team of regional partnerships and consultants specializing in a complete range of digital technological solutions like Customized Mobile Apps. We are your perfect one-stop shop for all your apps related needs.

It is a challenge always to bring in newer ideas into mobile apps as well as games world, but after it’s a hit the reaction will be sensational and unbelievable. So we always continue to bring new ideas in the digital world, and we have a dream to create many great innovations that can change the manner we live, play and work.

We looking forward actively to future partnership with potential companies and individuals to raise their profiles and pave the ways into new digital market.

Incredible Benefits Of Working With Us

Online Preview

We let you to preview the apps as you run them online or even from your Android or iOS device.

Incredibly Simple

Our simple to use CMS allows for stunning app design

Top Developers

Our expertise lets you create native apps easily for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows platforms.

Company History

For Android, Windows and iOS devices, we are creating
excellent mobile apps.

October 2017 5 New Projects Launched
5 New Projects Launched
5 New Projects Launched

We have vast experience in designing and developing mobile application for companies based in New York. Our team of young professionals is capable of creating any type of complex mobile application. Contact us now.

September 2017 Celebrating 5 years of Creativity
Celebrating 5 years of Creativity
Celebrating 5 years of Creativity

We have successfully completed 5 years in mobile app developing application and we are continuously growing day by day towards our mission.

August 2017 New Jobs Opening : Apply Now!
New Jobs Opening : Apply Now!
New Jobs Opening Apply Now!

We love working with new people, apply now for new job  so we can get started!

Every customer is importany to us!

Our Experienced guys at Oscend always giving their best to make the clients happy!!

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Functional Testing

Simple Steps . Quick Results

Building trust through better writing and honest communication. Web narratives and design as content.

Front and back end development for the web and mobile, mainly using open web standards.


Transforming ideas into reality

Our mobile applications are highly refined to arouse positive response and they are as per the current market trend

We create separate designs for each customers to protect their brand identity and help them establish in the market.

Our mobile applications are developed to cater diverse needs of the client. These scalable models helps client in long run.

Our designs are developed to look similar on variety of devices and different screen sizes.

Why We Are The Best?


All of it starts with listening carefully for a very clear understanding of the client’s aims, and with the know-how of our committed, we help shape your requirements of the projects before development work starts.


Our design process of system structure, data architecture, user interface and experience is the real melting point where the form meets functions, with our experience in a wide variety of successful ventures.


Apps that are customized to a personalized fit to quickly automate business processes, advertising campaign, data capture or intellectual property which will become asset to you and your business.


Detailed quality check and User Acceptance Test to ensure that the products we deliver you meets the highest standard always.